On December 31st 2015 I made a list of 10 New Year’s Resolutions. I do it every year and somehow I forget about it along the way until it’s too late and I better do a new list for the following year.

This time though, I have a different story.

2015 was a great year for me: I was finally back in Milan, made a lot of very close friends and university was going incredibly well. I got the chance to go to the United States of America for an exchange with the Cox School of Business and I met a bunch of other awesome people in Dallas. I went for the first time in New York and then in France, and now I’m finally in Italy again.

I’m getting ready for a New Year’s Eve party with some of my dearest friends and I just recalled my almost last-year’s resolutions. Suddenly I realize that I was able to accomplish all my resolutions for the year, sort of   xD

I couldn’t achieve a perfect tan though, and I still have to lose some pounds. Anyways, I’m super pumped and happy. I hope 2016 could only improve and I can spend even more time doing what I really enjoy.

Talking of which, I just had my layout re-done and I just love it, and I have like a gazillion ideas for posts, articles, and new content for my little blog.

That said, what’s up for this year?

Only small things because new year equals new start, a fresher and wonderful one:

  • I want to graduate as soon as possible
  • I want to find a job that I like
  • I want to find a house
  • I want to write so much more on here
  • I want to travel and see a little more of world

Let’s see how I do it this time!

Am I forgetting something important? Probably… Certainly… So make sure to be in the loop and check the next posts, cuz I’m telling you: this year’s gonna be f*****g A     ;D

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