My university gave me the chance to go study abroad for one semester, I was lucky enough to accomplish one of my biggest dreams and go to the States from August to November 2015. Precisely I went to Dallas, Texas, at Cox School of Business (SMU).

Well, it was a really big change, not only of scenario but also of everything else. I was living under the impression that the whole world is alike, hadn’t I been more wrong in my entire life!

Everything seems so similar when you think about western countries, yet everything is so very different.
Starting from the food, to the architecture, tastes, lifestyle and way of thinking. And this is also the most exciting thing of all, regarding an exchange program.

It took me a little while to adapt to the new environment, but I’m glad to say that I found some amazing people that I will always carry on in my Texan memories.

Sometimes I felt homesick, sometimes a little sad, but this memories are fading already, right now I can only remember the loughs, the night-outs, the shared happiness and the blossom of friendships I hope can last in time.

So I would like to thank every one and each of my new friends for making my stay so much wonderful and worth it!

I will shortly write some post about Dallas and all the amazing stuff you can do there! And if you wanna know more about the exchange experience check out my interview with Dr. Jessie Voigts for Wandering Educators at

Southern Methodist University

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