If you are close to the SMU campus I definitely recommend to visit it, and even if you are not, you should find some time to wander around there because there are few worthy places.

The Meadows Museum is part of the SMU campus, and it is known for having great Hispanic art pieces.


You can go inside the stunning building to see the temporary exhibitions, that usually host amazing works from all over the world, and the permanent exhibit, that includes some interesting paintings by Francisco de Goya, Picasso, Miró and Juan Gris among the others.

I have to say that I like sculpture more, and that’s why I am especially grateful to Elizabeth Meadows. She gave the museum sculptures by Rodin, Maillol, and Giacometti, that are periodically exhibited within the museum. As well as creating my absolutely favorite part: the outdoor plaza, with breathtaking works of Jacques Lipchitz, Henry Moore and Claes Oldenburg.

The museum is not very big, but you can enjoy some afternoon hours (it closes at 5 pm) and appreciate the outdoor plaza with different light settings that make it seem almost magical.

Another place you shouldn’t miss within the SMU campus is the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Either if you are a fan or a detractor, find some time to visit the library.


The architecture is beautiful and the exhibition is very well planned, as well as interesting and interactive.

You can take a look at the hundreds of gifts that were given to the president during his period in the White House and then start the real tour.

The Presidential Library is home for a memorial sculpture with a piece of the World Trade Center that will make you stop and reflect for a little time while watching at the screen broadcasting the news from 9/11.

Another interesting part is the decision room, which you can enter and simulate different scenarios in which you play the role of the president and, after analyzing the data, you decide what to do to solve the problem and compare your decision with the one former president George W. made during his mandate.

Finally, don’t forget to visit the replica of the oval office for a very presidential experience.

oval office

If I can give you one tip, talk to the stewards, they are very competent and willing to explain to you the exhibition or give you more information about particular topics.

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