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If you need a place to relax and enjoy the contact with nature, White Rock is the best place you can go in Dallas. And it is not even outside the city.

Either you go there for jogging in the early morning, a romantic walk in the sunset, a boat lesson, or a fancy dejeuner sur l’herbe, White Rock will spell you with its magical atmosphere.

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It is a safe place to forget about your work, your job, a place in which you can go leaving all the negativity behind and just enjoying the beauty offered by Nature. Also, it is a great place to think and find time to talk a little bit with your inner self in the labyrinth of things to do and busy days that that often leave us with no time for our own in this modern era.

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I went there both in the morning and in the afternoon until sunset, and I cannot decide when the place is more fascinating yet. Once you sit on a bench, turn your mp3 on and start reading a book, you can’t possibly recall the fact that you still are in Dallas: the city, the cars and the concrete seem to be miles away from the enchanted gateway that is White Rock.

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This place has a cathartic power like no other corner of Dallas, and here dwells the real beauty of White Rock, so don’t miss out and make sure to put it in the list of places you need to visit at least once (a week!)

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