If you have been to Dallas at least once it is impossible that you never heard about the fact that Dallas has the highest number of restaurants per capita in the U.S.

Be it true or not, Dallasites are very proud of this statistics, and having lived in Dallas for a little while gave me the chance to try and especially taste a lot (really, a lot of food). So, if you don’t have time to try all of them, here comes my top favorite places to go for a fair price.


If you like Mexican cousine, you must try out Tacos and Tequila on Routh, the best gourmet tacos I had in a very long time, plus the nacho chips (strictly handmade and fresh) with the 3 TNT sauces are something spectacular. Your mouth will be delighted with pleasure, and after dinner you can just go to the rooftop where the happy hour takes place.



If you are brave enough to cross the Bridge and go a little outside of the heart of Dallas, Chicken Scratch is a characteristic little pearl of the South: live music, outside space with lights, and fried chicken with fries, and salsas, and not fried biscuits (that are not dessert, but an amazing buttery almost sweet bread). Don’t forget to have an Old Fashioned to sip during your meal, it’s almost imperative in order to have a true experience.

Chicken Scratch


This little place on Hillcrest, near SMU campus is a great Japanese restaurant, and during lunch time you can have a special menu that is very cheap. Bento box is awesome and uramaki is delicious, you only have to choose which one you want. Or don’t, take both.

Bento uramaki


Greenville Ave is full of amazing places to go, but if you want a great combo of flat bread (the closest you can get to real pizza in Dallas), and good (and cheap) sangria, this will become your favorite spot.



It is the most awarded BBQ in Dallas, and that is not a coincidence: great original brisket and wonderful fried okra! Just don’t even think for a second that mac ’n’ cheese is an Italian dish please…



Great place to go on SMU Blvd, either on a lunch break or on an evening out with friends. Tacos are incredibly good and tasty, and the cocktails are delish. Just be prepared if you go with the spicy ones, they are real tex-mex spicy.



This is another place near the SMU campus. The BBQ is not bad the sandwiches are good too, but the real deal is the fried pie! The best one I had in town!

Peggy Sue fried pie


I know it is not really a restaurant, but if you are a real foodie and can’t live without your Italian delicacies and more. You must know and shop at Jimmy’s. The food is real Italian: prosciutto crudo di San Daniele, pasta, olive oil and even real mozzarella di buffalo.

Jimmy's food store

#9 FOOD TRUCKS AT Klyde Warren Park

A lovely way to do an elegant picnic on colorful tables: Japanese, Mexican, Greek, Italian, Chinese… the choice is yours to make, just order, sit down, and enjoy the food in the beautiful park near the DMA.

Greek Truck


Yes, I know it’s a chain… but the food is so damnlicious! And the cheesecakes are a piece of Heaven. You should try the Oreo cheesecake, but first make sure you don’t have diabetes or blood pressure problems.

Oreo cheesecake

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