Dallas is many things, but boring is not one of those things. You can either have a big city experience going to discos or innovative entertainment hubs or you can just take a beer (or a fireball, if you want a true Dallasite experience) and relax enjoying the true south-west atmosphere.

In Oak Lawn you can have the most fun night in Dallas, if you like to dance in the ring surrounded by cowboys who know the moves, just go to The Round-up Saloon and move your feet. Just ry to keep up with the well-coordinated cowboys dancing like they’re in sync.


If you prefer to go crazy on the dancefloor until the sun is back, don’t miss Station4, a little cold when the air conditioning is on max, but soon you’ll feel the need to take your shirt off and dance until the morning.

Studio Movie Grill combines two things that I love into one amazing experience: food and movies! You can watch a movie and in the meanwhile order food and eat while watching. Amaaazing!

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The Rustic in West Village is a great place to spend an evening with friends, outdoor space with Moulin Rouge kind of lights and live music to enjoy while drinking a marvelous cocktail.

Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum Brewing Company is the perfect start for a Sunday Funday: fresh mimosas, fries, and live folk music that will put you in the right mood to enjoy your day without thinking about how close Monday is.

top golf

Top Golf is a very good way to work out your frustration and angriness: just hit the ball the hardest you can and see if you can score more than your mates. A little tip, if you hit the golf cart that catches the balls you get double points.

6th floor

When you go uptown looking for a fun night with your friends, 6th Street is one of your best options: good cocktails, even better shots, and a DJ set that will make you dance like there is no tomorrow.

It is a good compromise for having fun with your friends and dance, without going back home when the sun is rising again.

ice house

The Ice House is a nice bar with kitchen, usual southern lovely fried food, but other good stuff too. It is located along the Katy Trail and offers a great location to spend some time with your friends for a fun pre-game before putting your party-hard mode on.

old fashioned

Don’t waste your chance to drink a marvelous Old Fashioned while sitting outside enjoying the nice weather and looking at the sky full of… lights!

ice house 2

Very American movie style colored lights in a spacious garden but still close to the heart of the nightlife part of the city.

So, go out and explore the city cuz these are only some of the hot places Dallas can offer, this I can assure.

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