If you live in Milan, you know there is a particular time in which the city magically changes, going from grey and rainy to sunny and colorful island of Spring.

That’s what happened on Sunday.


I was going out to meet with Vale when I sensed that smell of flowers and sunshine that makes my heart beat faster and my serotonin levels increase drastically.

This is the reason why I decided to blend in with the environment and get something very colorful to dress.

Though the day was delightful, our laziness made us take public transportation to get to Porta Venezia for breakfast: where there’s this place everybody talks about in town: Sissi.

Long story short, croissants where extremely gorgeous! Some notes of vanilla dancing on your tongue while an amazing custard makes your mouth full of joy. Staff? Not so nice, apart from the owner. If you are gossipy, rumor has it that the owner was studying pastry art in France when she found love and decided to come back to Italy and open her well-known patisserie, that is now considered one of the best bakeries in Milan.

Once our bellies where full, a walk in the neighborhood became our main priority.

Talking and walking, we visited the whole Indro Montanelli park, which is a fantastic spot to relax and enjoy the bucolic surroundings (or at least the closest Milan can get to a bucolic landscape).

Wandering without a destination, we fell in love with a gate, which is one of the biggest modern-fashion-blogger fetishism of these days.

gate Nico 1 gate Vale Gate Nico 2

Until, finally, we stumbled into a beautiful villa, almost hidden in the heart of the city.

Villa Necchi Campiglio, is a huge villa that the rich Necchi Campiglio family made giving a no budget limit to the architect, that used superb materials and designed a fabulous building, that features even a garden pool surrounded by flowers. #lovethisplace

Villa Necchi Campiglio 2Villa Necchi Campiglio

So much for a breakfast date, that actually ended with a hamburger and fries at Burger Wave.
Because we don’t stay hungry, we just stay foolish!

Burger Wave

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