Beginnings… Well, I have to say that I have a very complex love-hate relationship with beginnings: for instance, do you know that weird sensation you have at first day of school? The thrill to know new people and new teachers and new subjects? I love it, but I hate it also… Okay, you may think I’m crazy and you’re probably not wrong… and this has nothing to do with what I wanted to say, but try to understand me, I’m not too much comfortable with introductions, so I start blab bling and talking nonsense. So, where were we… To stick to the main theme of this project, my journey begins in the 3rd January 1992, a hot day of summer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My mama told me that when she and daddy looked at my face they knew I was meant to be Nicolas, but I’m quite sure the real reason is because when they asked the nurse if I had more a Nicolas or a Matteo’s face she answered “Matteo”. So many things I could have seen and learnt in the great city of Rio, but, yes there is always a but, destiny had a different fate for me, in fact my parents decided to move to Italy, the country of arts, literature, greatness and history. And this is how I end up living in a small town of nearly 6,000 souls, destiny sure knows many ways to be ironic. Above all this, I grew up loving my little city with its gardens and parks and I made a lot of special friends that always will have a safe place in my heart. But apart from a great loving family and lots of dear friends, something was missing… I’ve always had an interior desire of a different scenario, constantly daydreaming about going far away: visiting distant countries, being able to see different societies, different cultures, different forms of art, new places, new people… in other words, I was longing for a different chapter of my life which would not exclude the people that I already know and love, but would give me the chance to improve myself and grow up. And now, where am I? After high school I applied to Bocconi University and I got in, so I’m here in Milan, living the dream. I studied economics, which I had never thought was my kind of thing, and surprisingly becoming more and more passionate about what I’m doing day by day, and now I am about to finish my Master’s in Marketing Management. Milan is almost the perfect city: great museums, great lifestyle, great parties, a lot of things to do, places to see and persons to meet, the only flaw is the lack of green surroundings, the ones I love about my small town, and the absence of sea (actually these are two big lacks, how could I say it was the perfect city?). Truth is I’m already fantasizing about my next adventure. What can I say? This is who I am, a romantic dreamer constantly searching for something yet to be found but, as I see it, maybe this is what keeps everything so interesting and worthy.

If you wanna see the whole story from the beginning it is updated until Summer 2013…

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